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Photo of Dave ClintonMy name is Dave Clinton and I’m the founder of MoreTime4Play. For the past 30 years, I have supported individuals, parents and families through my work as a life coach and my work in the field of Education. In addition, I have brought my expertise in the areas of personal productivity and time management into my work in supporting small businesses more effectively manage their administrative, technology and financial processes.

As a parent of 2 teenagers and with a partner working full-time, I am immersed in the challenges faced by parents and individuals today as they look to successfully navigate all the competing demands on their time and energy. With the lines between home & work life becoming increasingly blurred or non-existent, it is essential for each of us to make conscious decisions about where we direct our energy & focus each day. The alternative is to be swept along by the agendas & goals of others. I work with individuals to help them get absolutely clear about what is important to them & help them develop the habits which support them in operating with those goals in mind every day.

With a Master’s degree in psychology and with a wealth of experience obtained from living and working in Ireland, the US and the UK, I’m passionate about helping individuals discover & develop solutions which support & strengthen their relationships with themselves and all the important people in their life.

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