The Top 10 Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

Brecon BeaconsA great irony of our world today is that while we can vir­tu­al­ly con­nect with almost any­one, any­where with the click of a mouse, the sad real­i­ty for many of us is that the fre­quen­cy and qual­i­ty of our face-to-face inter­ac­tions has dimin­ished.

Armed with smart­phones, it can be dif­fi­cult to escape the instant sat­is­fac­tion of a new ‘like’ on Face­book, a response to your clever Tweet or an incom­ing text mes­sage from a friend or client. As a result, we often find our­selves pulled in mul­ti­ple direc­tions while speak­ing with friends, fam­i­ly mem­bers and work col­leagues. We are phys­i­cal­ly present but often not emo­tion­al­ly present and there­in lies an impor­tant chal­lenge.

With­out a con­scious effort to effec­tive­ly man­age (and per­haps lim­it) these intru­sions, this pat­tern con­tin­ues and becomes the new norm and we can begin to lose our abil­i­ty to be ful­ly present with our­selves and with those around us. We can also see the neg­a­tive impact in our reduced abil­i­ty to engage with activ­i­ties which require our sus­tained focus — be that grap­pling with a new con­cept, read­ing for work or for plea­sure or doing the think­ing nec­es­sary to stay rel­e­vant in a world where we are being out­sourced or off­shored at an alarm­ing rate.

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