Here are some satisfied client testimonialsI already knew Dave when reaching out for coaching sessions. He’s always being a genuine and caring friend. Working with Dave has also been a wonderful experience. Talking to him helped me to get to know myself more and understand my professional challenges deeply.

His professional and caring approach combined with his genuine eagerness for understanding and helping others was essential in the great outcome of our coaching time. Such a great choice I made! Thank you Dave..”

Loida Delgado-Perez, London

“Dave has been a tremendous support at an overwhelming point in my life when I needed help and direction. Dave listens, taps in, empathises and manages to articulate exactly what I am feeling & thinking. He has supported me through family bereavement, transition from full-on career to stay-at-home Mum and much much more.  He guides me to focus on plans for the future for the benefit of the whole family. I highly recommend Dave as a life coach. He can be instrumental in you making your dreams a reality.”

Pauline, London

“Hav­ing Dave as a life coach has been so instru­men­tal in help­ing me achieve well beyond what I thought I was capa­ble of. From giv­ing me the con­fi­dence to tackle uni­ver­sity to get­ting my dream job and beyond. It has really helped me get the best out of life. Dave has such a friendly, pos­i­tive, and sup­port­ive atti­tude it is hard not to tap into that same energy.”

David, Graduate Systems Engineer (Bristol)


“At a time in my life when I was looking for direction, Dave helped me find a way through.  I was guided through processes and discussions that helped me realise what I was really looking for out of my life.  I moved from feeling like I was stuck in a rut, to making a life changing decision to move the family to the countryside.  Dave gave me the courage to make the most of the life that I am now really looking forward to living.”

A, mother of 3, London


“I am very grateful to Dave for his patience, understanding, direction and inspiration. After twenty years of marriage, it’s very easy to find yourself ‘assuming’ what your partner is thinking or wanting. Dave made me realise this and, when I did actually ask my husband for input, to my surprise and delight, he was more than happy to give it! I also felt more supported in receiving it and this resulted in bringing us closer together. Although I have a wonderful circle of friends, I found it tremendously helpful having Dave listen to me and give an unbiased opinion. He asked thought-provoking questions, which lead me to find the answers to my questions and solutions to my problems.

Dave has an approachable, caring manner coupled with a wonderful selection of tools, which empower you to make positive changes in your life. I would highly recommend Dave and MoreTime4Play.”

Lynne, London


“Having had several sessions with David and quite unsure of what they would bring! –  I realized, through verbalising my own problems which I had been ignoring for quite some time – that my life needed to change.  By listening and helping me to recognise my own feelings, David enabled me to find the strength to make the necessary changes to my life which were well overdue. I simply could not carry on the way I was as deep down I was unhappy in my personal life while being overloaded as a mother and a businesswoman.  David listened and asked the relevant questions which allowed me to arrive at my own conclusions to issues which I had previously been avoiding.   I was able to analyse and recognise my own unhappiness and then subconsciously I facilitated drastic changes which previously I had not believed I was capable of making happen.  It is difficult to talk to friends and family about certain issues as one does not wish to burden other people, also we don’t always want to rock the boat we are in until we are ready to get out!

After accepting my situation needed to change, I just got out the boat without rocking it much at all!  I am now separated from my husband and much happier so that I can be a better mother to my children and be more productive with my work.  We sometimes need to change direction and the course of our lives but this change is very hard to make alone unless we recognise that we can actually do it and that our lives and destinies are our own. David helped me to do this and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to spend some time analysing their lives just to ensure they are where they want to be – as everything is achievable!”

A, London


Having no idea what a life coach really did, but knowing that I needed help to start enjoying my family again, I eagerly started working with Dave.

I was not disappointed. Dave is an amazing listener and has great insight into what is really being said. He comes up with unusual ideas and practical solutions which really make the difference.

I now feel so much more positive and better equipped to enjoy my family again, without blowing my top every time something isn’t done to my exact specification! I want to thank him for all his help and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Mother of 3, London


“Unlike my experience of coaching before meeting Dave – I have found he experience uplifting and positive. There is no doubt about it, he is a great listener and shows genuine interest in you and your well-being. He asks the right questions at the right time and offers practical help when needed. He has a very flexible approach and I got something positive out of every session.

Through David, I have realised I want more out of my personal and work life and he is working with me now to look at some bigger picture stuff. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Laura, London


“Dave combines an intelligent, sympathetic ear with practical, concrete advise for moving ahead. He enables you to understand how your current way of thinking may not be serving you well. With this knowledge you are then able to change your approach and devise a strategy by which to achieve your goals. I always look forward to our sessions and can’t recommend Dave more highly as a life coach.”

M. Boston, Massachusetts


“My sessions with Dave has provided me with support for the issues that for years I struggled with and could not deal with on my own. He has helped me open my eyes and learn so many positive attributes about myself that I had not known I possessed. With his patient, gentle and caring approach he has assisted me in rebuilding my confidence and helped remove all the obstacles that were stopping me going after the things I wanted to achieve both in professional capacity and family life. I found all the sessions to be stimulating, challenging and highly thought-provoking. I have a lot to thank Dave for and I would totally recommend him.”

Mother of 3, London