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My 30 Day Vegan Diet Experiment | Final Report

I have now com­plet­ed my 30 day veg­an diet exper­i­ment. Over­all, I would con­sid­er it a great suc­cess. I have expe­ri­enced: sig­nif­i­cant gains in ener­gy great­ly improved fit­ness lev­els increased social con­nec­tions & activ­i­ty improved con­fi­dence & self-con­­fi­­dence and much more. (I’ve logged my ener­gy lev­els, food intake, phys­i­cal activ­i­ties and more. You can view …

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My 30 Day Vegan Diet Experiment | Recap — Week 2 & 3

It has been 3 weeks since I start­ed my diet exper­i­ment & over­all I’m very pleased with the results so far. (You can find all of my raw data here) Obser­va­tions: As many of us have expe­ri­enced when try­ing to estab­lish a new habit, the begin­ning is often the eas­i­est part of the process. Nov­el­ty, …

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My 30 Day Vegan Diet Experiment

My orig­i­nal inten­tion was to write a post on the 5:2 diet and my expe­ri­ences exper­i­ment­ing with it over the past year.
How­ev­er, hav­ing been inspired and chal­lenged by a num­ber of recent posts and hav­ing just com­plet­ed John Rob­bins’ book — Healthy at 100, I’ve decid­ed to change course, ful­ly embrace a plant based/vegan diet for a full 30 days & close­ly mon­i­tor my results.

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